Terms & Conditions

Last updated on June 08, 2020

Your Acceptance

  • By using or visiting these Buyer Terms and Conditions you signify your understanding and agreement to these terms and conditions (the “Terms of Service”). If you do not agree to any of these Terms of Service, please do not use the service. The Services (as defined below) are provided by CARS24, which, along with its products and services, is referred to as “CARS24” in these Terms of Service.
  • Although we may attempt to notify you when any changes are made to these Terms of Service, you should periodically review the most up-to-date version. CARS24 may, in its sole discretion, modify or revise these Terms of Service and policies at any time, and you agree to be bound by such modifications or revisions. Nothing in these Terms of Service shall be deemed to confer any third-party rights or benefits.

Terms of Service

The terms and conditions on which CARS24 has agreed to provide transaction facilitation services to you (“Buyer”) are set out below:

  • The Buyer acknowledges that CARS24 provides a transaction facilitation service and will take a stated commission (as listed below) for each completed transaction. As a result, CARS24 does not guarantee the quality, safety, or legality of the purchased vehicle. A Buyer may elect to withdraw from negotiations at any time without any penalty, but not when there is an agreed-upon sale, at which point the negotiation process is deemed to be complete.
  • The Buyer acknowledges that CARS24 is not an e-commerce marketplace. CARS24 solely acts as a classified publishing platform and provider of transaction facilitation services for the sale of vehicles to help willing Buyers and sellers to buy and sell the desired vehicles (“Services”). The Buyer further acknowledges CARS24 is not acting as a trustee, fiduciary or escrow with respect to the Buyer’s funds.
  • The Buyer acknowledges that CARS24 shall use commercially reasonable efforts to attempt to provide the Services contemplated under the terms of this document to the Buyer. CARS24 shall not negotiate with the seller on behalf of the Buyer. Cars 24 shall not be responsible in the event the Buyer is unable to procure a vehicle by obtaining the Services.
  • The Buyer agrees to share their contact details with the CARS24 team and the selected seller(s) for correspondence and communication related to the Services.
  • The Buyer agrees to meet the selected sellers as per mutually agreed date, time, and place for inspection of the vehicle. CARS24 shall not entertain any request for cancellation/ return post the successful handover of the vehicle on basis of the condition of the vehicle.
  • The Buyer has specifically acknowledged that the Buyer shall be making the payment of the vehicle to the seller and taking delivery thereof of the vehicle on “as is where is” basis and CARS24 shall not be liable for any payment related discrepancy/ disputes.
  • The Buyer agrees to pay Service Charges to CARS24 for availing its Services. This will be based on the Agreed Sales Price of the car between the Buyer and the Seller. Details on the applicable service charges will be shared with the Buyer before initiating the transaction.
  • The Buyer agrees to pay costs for any other services availed by the Buyer through CARS24.
  • Photos on the website are to the best of manual ability and the Buyer can view the car in person to gauge the actual condition of the car.
  • The Buyer agrees to pay CARS24 a non-refundable token amount for the selected vehicle post the inspection.
  • CARS24 shall not entertain any request for cancellations/return post the successful handover of the vehicle on basis of the condition of the vehicle.
  • The Buyer agrees that it is the responsibility of the Buyer to take the final delivery from the Seller.
  • The Buyer shall provide the following documents with the Buyer Transaction Form to CARS24 with the token amount for authentication and identification purposes:
    • Aadhar Card
    • Pan Card
    • Voter ID
    • Government Bank Passbook
    • Photograph
    • Stamped Form 34 (in case of loan applicants)
  • Any Sale exceeding INR 10 Lacs shall be liable to TCS u/s 206 C of the IT Act 1961 @1%, which shall be collected from the Buyer over and above the final Buyer price by the seller
  • Any Sale exceeding INR 50 Lacs shall be liable to TCS @0.1%, which shall be collected from the buyer over and above the final buyer price, if applicable by the seller.
  • In the event a loan is availed from any CARS24 group companies, the processing time for such a loan shall be 10 working days from the date of application for such a loan.
  • In case of loan defaults, loan rejections due to discrepancies at the Buyer’s end or incorrect/ insufficient information furnished or non-cooperation by the Buyer for verification/ validation of documents/ premises, etc. on account of the Buyer, the complete token amount might be forfeited subject to the discretion of the management team at CARS24.
  • Any misbehaviour or improper conduct by the Buyer shall be unacceptable and might lead to cancellation of the transaction and potential legal actions.
  • The Buyer agrees that CARS24 shall not be liable for any refurbishment of the vehicle owing to the company policies.

Money-back Guarantee

  • Money-back Guarantee is a unique proposition given to Buyers who are buying vehicles through CARS24.
  • CARS24 offers to purchase any vehicle purchased by availing CARS24 Services (“Money-back Offer”) within 14 days from the date of purchase by the Buyer.
  • Buyer will be paid 90% of the agreed sale price as agreed in the Buyer Transaction Form.
  • Applicable only on vehicles with the “Money-back Guarantee” tag.
  • In order to avail the Money-back Offer, the Buyer will have to coordinate with CARS24 representative and drive it to the city’s parking yard as suggested by the representative.
  • The vehicle should not have travelled beyond 1000 km from the date of delivery.
  • All original documents must be handed over back to the CARS24 representative.
    • Original RC (If not provided, Rs. 5000/- will be additionally deducted).
    • RTO documents with seller signatures.
    • Bank NOC + Form 35 (In case the vehicle purchased has an active loan).
    • Clearance Certificate from RTO stating no ownership transfer has been processed and no active challans.
    • Proofs of payment which had been made to seller/CARS24 at the time of purchase
  • Money-back Offer to be processed if the agreed sales price is as per the fair market value assessed by CARS24 Team.
  • The vehicle can be eligible for the Money-back Offer if there are no changes found in comparison to the inspection report at the time of sale. The re-inspection will happen at the place agreed by the CARS24 team and the report will be shown for transparency.
  • Service Charge, Warranty, Insurance charges will be non-refundable.
  • Payment will be processed after adherence to all the above-mentioned Terms & Conditions.
  • Payment will be processed within 7 working days from the accepted date of the Money-back Offer.