Integration Services

We are experts in business process automation. We analyse your critical business issues & deploy automation solutions that help you achieve your goals

Our teams of engineers, industry experts, developers, designers and financial experts view the world through the lens of technology.

We have designed our solutions to transform the toughest business processes into the simplest workflows with the greatest visibility into how your company spends money.

Technology and automation allows businesses to run more efficiently, and our technology, along with our vast knowledge, skills, and experience in automating travel expense management, vendor invoice management, and purchase card management, helps companies around the globe to grow more profitably by reducing operating costs.

Our solutions also reduce the risks inherent in manual processes, data silos, and the lack of visibility these issues create for management’s knowledge about where money is being spent.

We Provide

  • - Custom-configured modules that automate existing processes specific to each customer’s needs
  • - A deep understanding of the present and desired business processes in order to ensure that automation is adopted quickly and easily
  • - Cost effective automation that delivers ROI in the short- and long-run
  • - A completely collaborative approach to integrating expense and vendor invoice data into existing ERP systems
  • - Dashboards and reporting to empower more informed decision making about spend management related to business travel, vendor invoices, and card-based purchases while avoiding the errors, risks, and costs of manual processes


We provide your organisation with a complete turnkey solution, totally eliminating manual data entry.

Our products easily integrate with all ERP systems, as well as other third-party systems like travel booking tools, corporate card providers, payroll systems, HR systems, and more.


Our products offer built-in comprehensive reporting, charting & analytics with drill down capabilities analyse spend details.

Dashboards provide quick access & are combined with comprehensive standard reports to help you analyse spending patterns, policy compliance, profit leakages, vendor sourcing & workflow efficiency. The built-in report builder makes creating custom reports a matter of drag & drop.


Our Android & iOS apps provide the same functionalities as website.

Whether it’s booking business travel, creating & submitting expense reports with receipt images or getting notifications as an approver to review & approve expense reports all of this & more is accessible to via the ExpenseAnywhere Smartphone App. It’s what we call complete duality of functionality.


Our SaaS based solutions can be setup, configured & deployed rapidly! ExpenseAnywhere®, PurchaseAnywhere®, and InvoiceAnywhere® are modular in design & easy to custom-configure.

No matter where your company is located, where you travel or where you procure your supplies from, our custom-configured solutions for automating corporate spend management will meet all of your needs.