ExpenseAnywhere Advisory Services

Helping clients better manage their corporate spend

ExpenseAnywhere Advisory Team works with business leaders to deliver transformative solutions that provide long-term value for their organisations. Our experts help analyse business functions & processes, assess risks, offer insights to improve corporate performance & efficiency.

It is a common practice for organisations to perform comprehensive & periodic reviews of business processes. Without proper control mechanisms, non-compliance can become the norm, proving detrimental for the company’s strategic plans.

Our Advisors are ready to work alongside your team to implement strategies for :

  • Mitigation of risk, fraud & abuse
  • Effective management of policies & processes that improve company’s bottom line
  • Enhanced compliance with corporate policies & procedures
  • Awareness & implementation of best practices in process transformation
  • Intelligent Data Analytics for informed decisions

Transforming organizational spend management with tomorrow’s technology today!

ExpenseAnywhere consultants have years of experience in accounting, finance & AP automation Systems we help analyse business processes & recommend best practice solutions for management & control of business spending, evaluate compliance with PCI DSS & conduct AT Section 101 reviews.

As a company, we are focused, committed & value-driven in everything we do. We help clients improve profitability by driving out costly inefficiencies & implementing strategic processes.

Tax reclamation service

ExpenseAnywhere in conjunction with its partners offers a value-added tax recovery service. This service for the USA & Canadian Companies recover VAT & GST from Europe, Canada, Australia, Japan & South Korea. VAT can be recovered on AP invoices, travel expenses & a variety of expenses.

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